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Calculate Iron Deficiency

Calculator for the iron deficiency. The administration of iron should be based on medical advice. This calculator is not a substitute.

The calculation is done with the Ganzoni equation:
Iron deficiency = body weight * (target hemoglobin concentration - actual hemoglobin concentration) * 2.4 + reserve iron stores
Iron deficiency in milligrams, body weight in kilograms, hemoglobin concentration in grams per deciliter, reserve iron stores in milligrams
The reserve iron store is 500 milligrams or 15 times the body weight, whatever is lower.

Body weight (kg):
Target hemoglobin (g/dl):
Actual hemoglobin (g/dl):
Reserve iron stores (mg):
Iron deficiency (mg):

The hemoglobin concentration should be between 11 and 18 g/dl, dependant on age and sex.

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