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Calculate your Walking Index

Calculate your walking index (or also walkingindex).
For this, you first have to walk a two kilometers long, flat route as fast as you can without running. Don't get out of breath.
When you're finished, note immediately the needed time in minutes and seconds and your pulse (pulse beats per minute).
Enter your results, your weight in kilograms, your age in years und your gender and click Calculate.

Time (minutes):
Time (seconds):
Pulse (beats/min):
Body mass index (BMI):
Age (years):
Walking index:
Walkingindex: Rating:
more than 130 very well
110-130 well
90-110 average
70-90 weak
less than 70 very weak

For men: 420 - (minutes * 11.6 + seconds * 0.2 + pulsation * 0.56 + BMI * 2.6 - age * 0.2)
For women: 305 - (minutes * 8.1 + seconds * 0.14 + pulsation * 0.36 + BMI * 1.0 - age * 0.3)

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