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Calculate Basic Conversion

Calculate your average basic conversion and your total energy conversion.
The basic conversion is the energy quantity, which the body needs per day with complete calmness and soberly for the maintenance of its function (e.g. during sleeping). A well-known formula for calculating this ist the Harris Benedict formula.
The total energy conversion is the energy quantity, which is needed per day to hold the weight. An additional factor is the degree of activity.
Enter your gender, your weight in kilograms, your body size in centimeters and your age in years and click Calculate.

Weight (kg):
Size (cm):
Age (years):
Gender: MaleFemale
Activity (PAL):
Basic conversion (kcal):
Basic conversion (kJ):
Total energy conversion (kcal):
Total energy conversion (kJ):


Calculate Basic Conversion:
For Men:
BC = 66 + (13.7 * weight) + (5 * size) - (6.8 * age)
For women:
BC = 655 + (9.6 * weight) + (1.8 * size) - (4.7 * age)

Calculate total energy conversion:
Basic conversion * activity factor
light activity: BC * 1.2
normal activity: BC * 1.4
moderate activity: BC * 1.6
active: BC * 1.8
highly active: BC * 2.0
extremely active: BC * 2.2

The basic conversion increases with weight (i.e. body mass) and height. It decreases with age. Whether it is higher for men or women depends on a combination of factors, but it is usually higher for men, especially when you are young. As you get older, men and women become more similar in terms of their basic conversion, although women only manage to overtake men with the same values ​​if they are low in weight, small in height and old.

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