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Calculate optimal Training Pulse and Heart Rate

Here you can calculate your maximum heart rate and your optimal training pulse for fat-burning, endurance increase or cardiovascular system improvement.
Enter your age in years, your gender and click Calculate.

Age (years):
Heart rate / Pulse:
Health zone: Between and
Fat-burning zone: to
Aerobic zone: to
Anaerobic zone: to
Maximum heart rate / Red zone: to


Formula for calculating and explanation:

Maximum heart rate / Pulse:
For men: 220 − Age
For women: 226 − Age

Health zone:
This amounts to 50-60% of the maximum heart rate.
Within this pulse range particularly the cardiovascular system will be invigorated. This range is particularly suitable for beginners.

Fat burning zone:
This amounts to 60-70% of the maximum heart rate.
Within this pulse range, most calories from fat are burned. Furthermore the cardiovascular system will be trained.

Aerobic zone:
This amounts to 70-80% of the maximum heart rate.
Within this pulse range, carbohydrates and fats are burned for power production in the muscle cells. This range requires the cardiovascular system as well as the lung and the metabolism.

Anaerobic zone:
This amounts to 80-90% of the maximum heart rate.
Within this pulse range, the body cannot cover the oxygen demand any longer. This range is for the development of power and muscle mass.

Red zone:
This amounts to 90-100% of the maximum heart rate.
This pulse range should be handled with caution. It is dangerous for beginners and can be harmful for the heart.

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