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Drink reminder

Do you have problems to drink the necessary amount of water each day? Or do you sit in front of your computer for hours and forget to drink? Drinking is important. First determine your average liquid consumption. Then enter, in which time you want to drink what amount and how often (1.), or in which interval you want to be remindet to drink (2.). If the time is up, an alert window appears, which you have to confirm with OK. Keep this page opened as long as the reminder shall run.

1. Calculate amount and remind

How much do you have to drink altogether: milliliters | in what time: hours minutes | how often do you want to drink: times.

2. remind only

Amount of liquid for each drink: milliliters

Interval in which you want to be reminded to drink: hours minutes

Time until the next drink: minutes | drinks so far: | amount so far: milliliters

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