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Calculate your ABSI

On this site, you can calculate your body shape index (BSI or ABSI).

This method isn't suitable for pregnant women. It should give reasonable results for black and white, but not for Mexican ethnicity.

Waist circumference (cm):
Weight (kg):
Height (cm):
Your BMI is:

Your ABSI is:

Your ABSI z is:
Your risk:

Formula for calculating ABSI: waist circumference in meters / ( BMI2/3 * √ height in meters )

ABSI z is the deviation in multiples of the standard deviation from the mean. Here, the classification as strongly increased is made at >1, as strongly decreased at <-1. Average are values between -0.1 and 0.1.

Calculation done with the formula and datas of Krakauer, Nir Y.; Jesse C. Krakauer (2012-07-18): A New Body Shape Index Predicts Mortality Hazard Independently of Body Mass Index.

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