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Calculate the BMI for Amputees

On this site, you can calculate the body mass index (BMI), when arms or legs have been amputated. Enter the weight in kilograms and the body size in centimeters. When both legs are amputated, please enter the theoretical height with legs. First, the theoretical weight is calculated. This can also be used to calculate the ABSI for amputees.

Amputated limbs
1. Arm:
2. Arm:
1. Leg:
2. Leg:

Weight (kg):

Size (cm): (with legs)
Theoretical weight: kg
The BMI is:

The weight of the missing limbs is estimated, based on mean values of multiple scientifical studies. Those values in percent are: hand 0.7, forearm 3, whole arm 6, foot 1.5, lower leg 7, whole leg 17.
The formula for the theoretical weight is weight/(100-missing limbs)*100

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