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Complex Numbers

Conversion of the forms of complex numbers, cartesian, to polar and exponentiation with →, the other was with ←. The angle φ is in rad, here you can convert angle units. Calculate with cart. value transfers the cartesian number into the second calculator.

a = ρ * cos(φ)     b = ρ * sin(φ)

Decimal places:

Change forms
Cartesian: a + b i

  Polar: ρ ( cos φ + i sin φ )
Exponentiation: ρ e

+ i

ρ=, φ=

Calculate in cartesian form
( + i )      ( + i ) = + i

Basic arithmetic operations for complex numbers in cartesian form, choose an operator (+, -, *, /) and click Calculate. Result in polar form transfers the result to the first calculator and returns the polar form.

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