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Math and Physics Formulary and Calculator

A collection of important formulas from the fields of mathematics and physics.

Values ​​can be inserted into the formulas to perform calculations. Each formula indicates which values ​​must be entered and which can be calculated. For most of the calculators, all values ​​except one must be entered in order to calculate the missing value. The respective unit is shown in the input fields, if there is one. If there are several possible units, then either the first or the second unit applies equally to all fields, for example for velocity km/h, kilometers and hours OR m/s, meters and seconds.

This collection of formulas presents only a small selection of the formulas used in mathematics and physics to calculate values. However, the formulas here are those that are used more frequently, for which there are numerous applications and whose knowledge at least of the existence is part of general education, even if you often don't know the formula yourself by heart.
The mathematical formulas are only a small selection from mathematics, formulas that are used frequently and often and insights into more in-depth areas.
The physical formulas are often very simple, like a = b * c. To calculate a value other than a, you solve for the variable you are looking for, then you get b = a / c or c = a / b. Much more complicated formulas can be found, for example, for throwing.

Either a point or a comma can be entered between the digits as a decimal separator, for example 1,5 or 1.5. Decimal numbers are output with a point.

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