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Throw without Air Resistance Calculator

Calculation of the maximum range of a throw from a certain height and of the ideal angle of throwing with the trajectory. The air resistance can almost be neglected for compact, dense objects at normal throwing speed.

Rmax = v0/g * √ v0² + 2gh0

v0 = √ (-2gh0 + √ 4g²h0² + 4Rmax²g² ) /2

α = asin( √ 1/2 - h0/(2√ Rmax² + h0² ) )

Start velocity v0:
Start height h0: m
Gravitational acceleration g: m/s²
Maximum range Rmax: m
Ideal angle of throwing α: °

Please enter height and start velocity or maximum range, the other values will be calculated. If no height is given, it will be calculated with h0=0.

The calculators use . and , als decimal separators.

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