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Rolling on Inclined Plane

Calculation of duration and velocity of an object rolling down a slope (inclined plane). Friction is neglected. The velocity is the speed of the object at the length l. Example: at a length of 10 and a height of 5 meters, the angle of slope is 30°, the velocity of a ball is 7.3824 m/s and the time to get there is 2.7091 seconds.

Rollen auf schiefer Ebene

Slope: h = l * sin (α), l>h, 0°<α<90°
Length l: m
Height h: m
Angle of slope α: °

Please enter two values, the third will be calculated. Here you can convert angle units.

Velocity: v = √ g * h / ( 1/2 + c ) , g=9.81 m/s²
Velocity v: m/s
Height h: m
Shape factor c:

Please enter velocity or height, the other value will be calculated. The shape factor for a massive ball is 0.4, for a massive cylinder it is 0.5. Here you can convert velocity units (e.g. in mph).

Time (duration): t = 2 * l / v
Time t: s
Velocity v: m/s
Length: m

Please enter two values, the third will be calculated.

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