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Dynamic Range

Calculation of ratio and dynamic range in bel, decibel and neper from maximum and minumum value. The dynamic range tells how big the span of values can be for a measured variable. Both extreme values must be larger than 0. The ratio can be very large, then the logarithmic units bel, decibel or neper are used. Decibel is best known from the measurement of sound volume.

ratio = a / b
bel: 1 B = lg(a/b)
decibel: 1 dB = 1/10 B
neper: 1 Np = ln(a/b)
lg is the logarithm to the base 10, ln is the natural logarithm.

maximum (a): dB
minimum (b): dB
ratio: dB
bel, B: dB
decibel, dB: dB
neper, Np: dB

Please enter maximum and minimum, the other values will be calculated.

The calculators use . and , als decimal separators.

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