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Calculate Elementary Arithmetic

Calculation of the basic operations addition (+, plus), subtraction (−, minus), multiplication (*, times), division (: or /, divided by). These are the most important calculation methods. Adding is the opposite to subtracting, multiplying is the opposite of dividing. Multiplying is multiple adding of the same number.

Addition: a + b = c   a plus b equals c
Subtraction: c − b = a   c minus b equals a
Multiplication: d * e = f   d times e equals f
Division: f : e = d   f divided by e equals d

e + e + ... + e = f
\   d times   /

Two calculations can be done and compared here:

+ =

+ =

Please insert two values and click on any mathematical symbol. The third value will be calculated.

A further calculation method, based on multiplication, is exponentiation.

The calculators use . and , als decimal separators.

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