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Astronomical Records

These are the momentary record holders amongst the stars. However, this list in no way is definite. By far not all stars in our galaxy are explored sufficiently and single stars in other galaxies are very rarely the object of scientifical research.

Biggest, heaviest, brightest,
hottest main sequence star:
Brightest star:
Optical brightest star:
Least luminous star:
Heaviest star:
Most lightweight star:
Largest diameter:
Smallest star:
Oldest star:
Youngest star:
Hottest star:
Coldest star:
Nearest star: (except the Sun)
Fastest moving star:
Closest binary:
Biggest amplitude (change of brightness):
Oddest star:
Most dangerous star:
Biggest explosion:
Biggest flare:
Biggest spot:
Chemically most unusual star:
Most known planets:
Most Sun-like star:
Fastest rotator:
Longest orbit period:
HD 93129 A
LBV 1806-20
Sirius A
Teegarden's Star*
HDE 269810*
AB Doradus
VY Canis Majoris*
Herschel 36
NGC 2440 central star
R Leporis
Proxima Centauri
RX J0806
Chi Cygni
V838 Monocerotis
HR 8210
SGR 1806-20
II Pegasi
HD 12545
GY Andromedae
Gliese 581
18 Scorpii
XTE J1739-285
Hang-loose Binary

* (The record is very uncertain)
    Arches Cluster
The Arches Cluster
Photo: Don Figer (STScI) and NASA

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