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LBV 1806-20

On the other end of our galaxy and hidden behind thick layers of dust lies this blue monster, which could be the brightest star in the Milky Way.
Most likely the luminosity comes from a single star without companion. Such a giant can't be explainded yet, from today's knowledge it can't be stable, but it is.
LBV 1806-20 lies within an area with many other young blue stars. Some of them emerged only recently. Another neighbor is SGR 1806-20.

Constellation: Sagittarius
Age: 1 million years
Distance: 49 000 light-years
Visual magnitude: 8.4
Luminosity: 40 million * Sun
Mass: circa 150 * Sun
Diameter: > 200 * Sun

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    LBV 1806-20
The giant compared to our Sun.
Source: University of Florida / Meghan Kennedy

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