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List of Constellations

There are 88 constellations altogether. The 12 which are in the ecliptic, the signs of the zodiac, are marked wit a *. Constellations in the southern hemisphere are marked with an s, such on the northern hemisphere with an n. Those on the celestial equator aren't marked.

Andromeda n
Antlia s
Apus s
Aquarius *
Ara s
Aries * n
Auriga n
Bo�tes n
Caelum s
Camelopardalis n
Cancer * n
Canes Venatici n
Canis Major s
Canis Minor n
Carina s
Capricornus * s
Cassiopeia n
Centaurus s
Cepheus n
Chamaeleon s
  Circinus s
Columba s
Coma Berenices n
Corona Australis s
Corona Borealis n
Corvus s
Crux (Southern Cross) s
Crater s
Cygnus n
Delphinus n
Dorado s
Draco n
Equuleus n
Eridanus s
Fornax s
Gemini * n
Grus s
Hercules n
Horologium s
Hydrus s
Indus s
  Lacerta n
Lepus s
Leo *
Leo Minor n
Libra * s
Lupus s
Lynx n
Lyra n
Mensa s
Microscopium s
Musca s
Norma s
Octans s
Pavo s
Pegasus n
Perseus n
Pictor s
Pisces *
Piscis Austrinus s
  Phoenix s
Puppis s
Pyxis s
Reticulum s
Sagitta n
Sagittarius * s
Scorpius * s
Sculptor s
Scutum s
Taurus * n
Telescopium s
Triangulum n
Triangulum Australe s
Tucana s
Ursa Major n
Ursa Minor n
Vela s
Virgo *
Volans s
Vulpecula n
Our Milky Way
Graphic: Nasa

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