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AB Doradus

AB Doradus is a multiple system made of 3 stars at least. The largest of those, the orange star A, spins about 50 times faster than the Sun and therefore has a much stronger magnetic field. B and C are red dwarfs, whereas star B could be double. Star C is the star with the lowest known mass, only slightly above the border to a brown dwarf.

Constellation: Dorado
Age: 50 million years
Distance: 48.59 light-years
Space between AB Doradus A and B: 135 AU
Space between AB Doradus A and C: 2.3 AU
Orbit period of AB Doradus A and C: 11.75 years

AB Doradus A

Spectral class: K1
Visual magnitude: 6.93
Mass: 0.76 * Sun

AB Doradus B

Spectral class: M3.5

AB Doradus C

Spectral class: M8

Mass: 0.089 * Sun

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    AB Doradus
Orbit of AB Doradus C around A
Image: Dr. Laird M. Close/Steward Observatory

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