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DENIS-P J020529.0-115925

This is an old triple system made of brown dwarfs. The existence of the third (C) isn't proofed without doubt yet, but very likely.
The would-be stars can't produce any more energy and now slowly glow out. The warmest (A) of them has a temperature of just 1800 kelvin.

Constellation: Cetus
Age: 1 - 10 billion years
Distance: 65 light-years
Radial velocity: 22 km/sek
Space between A and B: 10 AU
Space between B and C: 1.9 AU
Orbit period of B and C: 8 years

DENIS-P J020529.0-115925 A

Spectral class: L5.5
Visual magnitude: 17.3
Mass: circa 38 * Jupiter

DENIS-P J020529.0-115925 B

Spectral class: L8
Visual magnitude: 18.3
Mass: circa 34 * Jupiter

DENIS-P J020529.0-115925 C

Spectral class: T0
Visual magnitude: 18.8
Mass: circa 33 * Jupiter

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    DENIS-P J020529.0-1159
Somewhere ia a stellar-poor area of the Milky Way lies the dark triplet.
Photo: ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey

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