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About Stars: Brown Dwarfs

Spectral class: T, L, M

These can be seen as an intermediate between star and planet. Too small zu start the hydrogen fusion yet some fusion processes take place in their core, especially deuterium to helium and the lithium fusion. Below 13 times the mass of Jupiter an object counts as planet, above 80 times as star (red dwarf). In-between are the brown dwarfs whose glowing can be measured only by the best instruments.

Young brown dwarfs gain their energy through the gravitation of the collapsing cloud. When the collapse finishes, they cool down and get dimmer, because the fusion processes provide much less energy. After not more than some hundred million years even their fuel for the nuclear fusion is spent.

Example: DENIS-P J020529.0-115925

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    Brown Dwarfs
30 new born Brown Dwarfs close together.
Photo: Esa

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