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Delta Scuti

A very widespread triple system. Delta Scuti A is the eponym of the Delta Scuti Stars, an own class of variables related to the bigger Delta Cepheids. But these stars have multiple pulsation periods. Delta Scuti A has two main periods with 4.65 and 4.48 hours, furthermore others with 2.79, 2.28, 2.89 and 20.11 hours. But the overall luminosity only changes for 0.2 magnitudes.

The companions are an orange (B) and a yellow (C) main sequence star.

Constellation: Scutum
Distance: 187 light-years
Space between Delta Scuti A and B: 870 AU
Space between Delta Scuti A and C: 3000 AU
Orbit period of Algol A and B: 15 000 years
Orbit period of Algol A and C: 85 000 years

Delta Scuti A

Spectral class: F2
Visual magnitude: 4.71
Luminosity: 33 * Sun
Mass: 2.3 * Sun
Diameter: 4.1 * Sun

Delta Scuti B

Spectral class: K8
Visual magnitude: 12.2

Delta Scuti C

Spectral class: G7
Visual magnitude: 9.2

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    Delta Scuti
Photo: ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey

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