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Brown Dwarfs 2MASS J05352184-0546085

The pair of young brown dwarfs lies in the Orion Nebula. It is an eclipsing binary. Due to that the mass and size of the two could be measured very exactly.
The dwarfs do still shrink and therefore are very large and hot for their mass. Their temperatures are 2700 and 2800 Kelvin. Interestingly the bigger one is the cooler. Probably this is because it is younger, about 500 000 years old. The double then formed later from the individual brown dwarfs.

Constellation: Orion
Age: 1 million years
Distance: 1420 light-years
Orbit period of 2MASS J05352184-0546085 A and B: 9.78 days

2MASS J05352184-0546085 A

Spectral class: M6.5
Luminosity: 0.020 * Sun
Mass: 55 * Jupiter (0.0541 * Sun)
Diameter: 0.7 * Sun

2MASS J05352184-0546085 B

Spectral class: M6.5
Luminosity: 0.014 * Sun
Mass: 35 * Jupiter (0.0340 * Sun)
Diameter: 0.5 * Sun

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    2MASS J053521840546085
Graphic: NASA, ESA, and A. Feild (STScI)

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