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Rotanev, the brightest star in Delphinus, although called Beta Delphini, is a double star of two similar yellow subgiants, which have left the main sequence not a long time ago. The slightly bigger A star is in its evolutionary state further as the B star and has catched up with this in spectral class on its way to become a red giant.

Constellation: Delphinus
Distance: 97 light-years
Space between Rotanev A and B: 8 - 18 AU
Orbit period of Rotanev A and B: 26.7 years

Rotanev A

Spectral class: F5
Visual magnitude: 4.0
Luminosity: 18 * Sun
Mass: circa 2 * Sun

Rotanev B

Spectral class: F5
Visual magnitude: 4.9
Luminosity: 8 * Sun
Mass: < 2 * Sun

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Photo: Starfire Optical Range Mission

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