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AG Draconis

A close pair of a orange-red giant and a white dwarf. AG Draconis is a halo star, which means it is from the spheric halo around the Milky Way. Therefore its content of heavy elements is very low, only 3% compared to the Sun.
The star erupts every 10-15 years, it is a nova variable. However these mini-novae increase its brightness only five times. Probably this is due to its lack of heavy elements.

Constellation: Draco
Distance: 8000 light-years
Radial velocity: 140 km/sec
Space between AG Draconis A and B: 1.7 AU
Orbit period of AG Draconis A and B: 554 days

AG Draconis A

Spectral class: K0
Visual magnitude: 9.8
Luminosity: 1500 * Sun
Mass: 1.5 * Sun

AG Draconis B

Mass: 0.5 * Sun

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    AG Draconis
Photo: ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey

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