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87 Sylvia

Sylvia is one of the biggest asteroids in the asteroid belt and the first where two companions has been discovered. The asteroids consist of ice and debris and show large hollow spaces. Supposedly the system was generated by an asteroid collision.
Sylvia was in 1866 asteroid number 87 to be discovered.

Distance to the Sun: 3.5 AU
Orbit period: 6.52 years

87 Sylvia

Size: 380 * 260 * 230 km


Size: 7 km
Distance from Sylvia: 710 km
Orbit period around Sylvia: 33 hours


Size: 18 km
Distance from Sylvia: 1360 km
Orbit period around Sylvia: 87.6 hours

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    Sylvia, Romulus and Remus
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