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On July 30th 2005 was the discovery of a tenth planet announced. Now it is declared as a dwarf planet. This is placed in the Kuiper belt and is slightly bigger as Pluto. The name for the new object first was 2003UB313, its actual name is Eris.
The dwarf planet is very cold and has an almost white surface. Probably it is covered with frozen Methane. Its axis is lent for 44 degrees compared to the other planets. This is one reason why it wasn't discovered earlier.
Eris has a moon with the name Dysnomia, which has at least one tenth of its size.

Distance from the Sun: 97 AU
Mass: 0.0027 * Earth
Diameter: circa 0.188 * Earth (2390 km)
Orbit period: 557 years = 203 440 days
Moons: 1

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Eris and Dysnomia
Graphic: W.M. Keck Observatory

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