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The subgiant GSC 02620-00648 is orbited by the largest (concerning volume, not mass) known exoplanet (by August 2007). This planet, named TrES-4, has only 0.84 times Jupiter's mass, but 1.57 times its diameter. Therefore it has a very low average density, only one fifth of water. It needs 3.55 days for one revelation and is 0.05 AU away from its star. Its surface temperature is 1600 kelvin.

The closeness to the growing star and the tremendous heat have taken part in bloating the planet, but they can't be responsible alone for that size. What really is the reason for this inflation is still unknown.

Within the next billion years GSC 02620-00648 will become a red giant and while growing will swallow the planet.

Constellation: Hercules
Age: circa 5 billion years
Distance: 1435 light-years
Luminosity: 3-4 * Sun
Mass: > 1 * Sun

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    GSC02620-00648 und TrES-4
Graphic: Jeffrey Hall, Lowell Observatory

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