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ADS 16402

In this double of two sunlike stars one of the pair is orbited by an enormous bloated gas planet. This planet, designated as HAT-P-1, has 1.38 times the diameter of Jupiter, but only about half of its mass. It orbits its star every 4.5 days in a distance of 0.05 AU.

Constellation: Lacerta
Age: 3.6 billion years
Distance: 450 light-years
Space between ADS 16402 A and B: 1500 AU

ADS 16402 A

Spectral class: F8
Visual magnitude: 10.0

ADS 16402 B

Spectral class: F8
Visual magnitude: 10.4

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    ADS 16402
Graphic: David A. Aguilar (CfA)

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