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RW Cephei

RW Cephei is an orange-red supergiant with rather uncertain properties, which is almost common for this kind of stars. The distance from us could be much lower as designated here. If it is correct, this is one of the largest stars and one of the most luminous red supergiants (or hypergiants) in our Milky Way. For such a star it is rather hot (4400 Kelvin) and could possibly still expand.

Constellation: Cepheus
Distance: 11 500 light-years
Spectral class: K2
Visual magnitude: 6.5
Luminosity: 500 000 * Sun
Mass: 40 * Sun
Diameter: 1500 * Sun

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    RW Cephei
RW Cephei is the bright star at the left bottom.
Photo: Sloan Digital Sky Survey

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