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Ras Algethi

A triple system of a red giant and a pair of yellow and white stars. The latter is very close and therefore can't be separated optically.
Although it is the brightest star in Hercules, it doesn't appear very noticeable to us. Anyway in a good telescope you get a pretty picture.

Constellation: Hercules
Distance: 382 light-years
Radial velocity: -33 km/sec
Space between Ras Algethi A and B: 550 AU
Orbit period of Ras Algethi A and B: 3600 years
Space between Ras Algethi Ba and Bb: 0.4 AU
Orbit period of Ras Algethi Ba and Bb: 51.578 days

Ras Algethi A

Spectral class: M5
Visual magnitude: 3.48
Luminosity: circa 17 000 * Sun
Mass: 7 - 8 * Sun
Diameter: 300 * Sun

Ras Algethi Ba

Spectral class: G5
Visual magnitude Ba and Bb: 5.39
Luminosity Ba and Bb: circa 140 * Sun
Mass: 4 * Sun

Ras Algethi Bb

Spectral class: F2

Mass: 2.5 * Sun

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    Ras Algethi
Photo: Oliver Rüsing

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