In German: Ufo Blaster Online Spiel

UFO Blaster Online Game

The Aliens are attacking planet Earth and only you can save us now. So much for the sensational new game plot ;-)

Click on the 'Start'-Button and be prepared. You have to survive 7 levels to save the Earth. Each level takes one minute. When an UFO lands, you lose a live. In each level you'll get three fresh, new lives. But these can be gone very quickly.
Doing rapid fire only soon won't be successful any more - you'll need a better tactic. Of course I won't tell you which one.


There is alternating one attack wave by day and one by night. With each wave more UFOs will come. And they will become quicker, too.

The game of course is just another variation of the good ol' Space Invaders, which was born as early as 1978. But there are some remarkable differences. To shoot an UFO, steer the cross-hair upon it and just click it away.

Feel free to use the game for your site, to change it, make it better, worse or whatever you like. Here are the source files. Published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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