Measurecalc V3.1

 - Convert metric, British and American measures.

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Instructions for the Conversion of Measurement Units

Type the value you want to convert in the according field and then click on Calculate.

Very high and low values are shown in decimal powers (e-values). 1012 e.g. is shown as 1e12, 10-12 as 1e-12. 1.23e9 means 1.23*109.

With very long numbers and many decimal places there can be differences to the actual result. This is due to an impreciseness of the computer. A result with a long sequence of zeros or nines (e.g. 1.25000000000001) is probably such an error. Please round this value.

Have you realised an error, have you recommendations for improvement or are you missing a measuring unit? Just send an E-Mail to juergen [at] jumk [dot] de. Thank you very much!