Zoom-Gallery: Action

High zoom factor incidents image gallery. Here photos are shown, where something is happening. The emergence of such images is very dependent on coincidence. Movements at high magnification get quickly blurred.

Young sparrow feeding
A young sparrow is feeded by his mother. May 7. 2021, distance 40 meters, focal length 3000 mm

Starling withz prey
A starling has captured a bug. April 30. 2021, distance 20 meters, focal length 1600 mm

Wet bullfinch drying in the Sun
A wet bullfinch dries in the Sun. May 20. 2021, distance 30 meters, focal length 3000 mm

Blackbird at takeoff
Blackbird at takeoff. July 1. 2021, distance 30 meters, focal length 1100 mm

Amsel beim Abflug
Bird meeting: collared dove and starlings. March 18. 2023, distance 80 meters, focal length 860 mm

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