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German: Bilder des Olymp


Olympus - Refuge A

Refuge A, Olympus

In front of the refugeThe ascension to the Refuge A at about 2100 meters (6900 feet) height stretches for 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) and takes about 2½ hours. The way isn't much challenging, however wearisome. Anyway, you don't have to fear much heat. The walk is for the most part underneath trees and it's quite cool in the morning.

In the refuge there are drinks and food available. It is supplied by mules. Daily some heavy loaded mules make their way up there. They don't hurry on their way and should you meet one, you can pass or overtake them on the small path. The paeceful animals are not easy to disturb.

Terrace of the refuge   A mule together with tourists
After the unloading at the refuge the animals can walk around free for a few hours and willingly accept bread donations from the tourists.

Mule in front of the refuge   Lunch break for mules

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