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German: Bilder des Olymp


Olympus - The Peak

Minor peak of OlympusIndeed Olympus is no mountain, but a massif. He has more than 50 peaks, among the three famous: Skolio, Mytikas, Stefani, each higher than 2900 meters (9500 feet). Mytikas in the greek mythologie is the meeting point of the Gods, Stefani the home of Zeus.

View to Vithos gorgeThe way stays wearisome, also in consequence of the boulders there, but not dangerous. Once again at least 2½ hours it takes to Skolio. There is still no reliance on the weather, you can see how the clouds arise from the peaks. They can unload in heavy lightning.

Olympus   Main peaks of Olympus

Little trust give handpainted signs on the way, showing skulls with Greek inscription. Some meters later the same in English: you shouldn't eat berries of a certain bush.

The way to Olympus   Olympus

The timber line is reached at about 2500 meters (8200 feet). The way to the 2911 meters (9550 feet) high Skolio shouldn't make problems, when the weather is good. Mytikas (2917 meters, 9570 feet) or Stefani (2909 meters, 9544 feet) are admittedly only for expert mountaineers.

Clouds at Olympus   The crest of Olympus

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