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Olympus - Prionia

Travelogue summer 2003 - by Susi & Juergen

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Above Prionia, OlympusPrionia is the (common) starting point for an ascent of Olympus. Thither leads a in the meantime fully developed road. At about 1100 meters (3600 feet) is the station parking site, a small tavern, a toilet building and a cottage for the ranger. The whole massif of Olympus is a strictly protected Area. The landscape here is unique, the directives to protect nature should be kept in mind.

Below Prionia, OlympEven in the greek summer it can become quite cool in the early evening. And it's cloudy the most time. Even if Zeus makes himself a bit rare lately, he still has fun with his clouds and thunderbolts.

Entry to the tavern of Prionia   In the tavern of Prionia

The tavern, a former sawmill, is quite pretty and idyllic. Through it flows a little creek, used for the cooling of drinks. Less idyllic is the toilet building.

'Picnic area' near Prionia, OlympusNear Prionia, OlympusVery helpful is the important looking ranger. Prionia has no accomodation places, staying overnight there is even forbidden. On our request the ranger told us, if we find a remote place, don't set up a tent and wait, until the other people are gone, he has no problem with us staying there with our sleeping bags. Thus we did after sunset at a meanwhile beautiful, clear starry sky, ignoring that there wolves and bears live.

Of course it didn't took an hour until a huge thunderstorm came over us. Zeus unpacked his toys and we can only affirm the bad reputation of the weather at Olympus.

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