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Supernova 2006jc

Once upon a time there was an LBV in the far distant barred spiral galaxy UGC 4904. In October 2004 it erupted and already then was mistaken for a supernova. But this was only a mass ejection of one hundreth solar mass, typical for an LBV. Then, only just under two years later, it really exploded as a type 1b supernova. Possibly, shortly before its explosion it turned into a Wolf-Rayet star. The supernova was rather bright for its kind and even more unusual, because it happened a short time after a major eruption. So it gives an interesting new object of research to science.

Constellation: Lynx
Distance: 77 million light-years

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    SN 2006jc
Photo: NASA/Swift/S.Immler

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