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R Aquarii

R Aquarii is a symbiotic star, a double whose partners exchange matter. The A star, a Mira-type red giant, is orbited by a very hot white dwarf or the progenitor of a white dwarf in a very excentric orbit.
Doing so, the partners cast out jets and could possibly generate novae. Maybe they are responsible for a nova in 1073.

Constellation: Aquarius
Distance: 650 light-years
Space between R Aquarii A and B: 5 - 30 AU
Orbit period of R Aquarii A and B: 18 years

R Aquarii A

Spectral class: M5 - M8.5
Visual magnitude: 5.8 - 11.5
Luminosity: 5000 * Sun
Mass: 1.75 * Sun
Diameter: 355 * Sun

R Aquarii B

Mass: 1 * Sun
Diameter: circa 0.03 * Sun (3 * Earth)

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    R Aquarii
Photo: Anglo-Australian Observatory/Royal Obs. Edinburgh

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