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PSR B-1259-63 / SS 2883

The pair of a the neutron star PSR B-1259-63 and the blue star SS 2883 has an extremely excentric orbit. When the neutron star is running through the outcast gaseous masses of the blue one it works as a natural particle accelerator. The light photons are turned into extremely hard gamma rays by the magnetic field of PSR B-1259-63. These collide with electrons and positrons and generate synchrotron radiation.

Constellation: Crux
Distance: 5000 light-years
Space between PSR B-1259-63 and SS 2883: 0.67 AU - 70 AU
Orbit period of PSR B-1259-63 and SS 2883: 3.4 years

SS 2883

Spectral class: B2e
Mass: 10 * Sun

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    PSR B-1259-63 / SS 2883
Photo: HESS

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