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EF Eridanus

The brighter, smaller star A of this very close double system is a white dwarf with a magnetic field 14 million times stronger than that of the Sun.
Its partner was 500 million years ago a red dwarf. Since then the white dwarf ceaselessly pulls matter from it and transformed it into a very strange object. It is neither star nor brown dwarf, but a new kind of cosmic objekt. Its surface temperature is merely 1700 kelvin.

Constellation: Eridanus
Distance: 300 light-years
Visual magnitude: 13.7
Orbit period of EF Eridanus A and B: 81 minutes

EF Eridanus A

Mass: 0.6 * Sun
Diameter: circa 0.01 * Sun

EF Eridanus B

Mass: 0.05 * Sun
Diameter: circa 0.1 * Sun

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    EF Eridanus
Graphic: Gemini Observatory/Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy

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