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Dabih or Giedi, known as Beta Capricorni as well, is a very complicated system made of five stars at least. These are a red giant or subgiant (Dabih Major A) and a blue star (Dabih Major B1) with its invisible companion (Dabih Major B2), about whom nearly nothing is known. Far away of these three is a pair of a blue-white subgiant (Dabih Minor A) and a white star (Dabih Minor B).

Dabih Minor A has in its upper layer a hundred thousand times higher concentration of heavy elements compared to the Sun. Especially high concentrated are mercury, manganese, platinum, gold and bismuth.

Constellation: Capricornus
Distance: 330 light-years
Space between Dabih Major and Dabih Minor: 21 000 AU
Orbit period of Dabih Major and Dabih Minor: > 1 million years
Space between Dabih Major A and B: 4 AU
Orbit period of Dabih Major A and B: 3.8 years
Space between Dabih Major B1 and B2: 0.1 AU
Orbit period of Dabih Major B1 and B2: 8.7 days
Space between Dabih Minor A and B: 30 AU

Dabih Major A

Spectral class: K0
Visual magnitude: 3.1
Luminosity: 600 * Sun
Mass: 4 * Sun
Diameter: 35 * Sun

Dabih Major B1

Spectral class: B8

Mass: 4 * Sun

Dabih Minor A

Spectral class: B9.5
Visual magnitude: 6.10
Luminosity: 40 * Sun

Dabih Minor B

Spectral class: F

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Photo: ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey

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