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BD -225866

Even in the best telescopes this object only appears as a dot. It is a very narrow system of four orange stars, with about half solar mass each. Stars can't form in such a small distance from each other. Probably they all evolved out of one gaseous disk, which forced the four stars in those narrow orbits.

Constellation: Aquarius
Age: 500 million years
Distance: 166 light-years
Space between BD 225866 A and B: 5.8 AU
Orbit period of BD 225866 A and B: 9 years
Space between BD 225866 A1 and A2: 0.06 AU
Orbit period of BD 225866 A1 and A2: 5 days
Space between 225866 B1 and B2: 0.26 AU
Orbit period of BD 225866 B1 and B2: 55 days
Spectral class: K5
Visual magnitude: 10.1

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    BD -225866
Graphic: K. Teramura, University of Hawaii / Institute for Astronomy

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