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AO Cassiopeiae

One of the biggest known double systems is known as well as Pearce's Star. It consists of two blue stars.
The stars are so big and their seperation is so small that they touch each other. Once the A star starts to expand to a red supergiant, star B will swallow its hull.

Constellation: Cassiopeia
Distance: 7000 light-years
Visual magnitude: 6.10
Orbit period of AO Cassiopeiae A and B: 3.5 days

AO Cassiopeiae A

Spectral class: O
Mass: 32 * Sun
Diameter: 23 * Sun

AO Cassiopeiae B

Spectral class: O
Mass: 30 * Sun
Diameter: 15 * Sun

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    AO Cassiopeiae
Graphic: Nasa
Astrophysical Journal, Part 1. vol. 223. July 1
Schneider, D. P.; Leung, K.-C.

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