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Although nearly as big as Pluto the red Sedna doesn't count as planet. It is 90 times more distant from the Sun as Earth, 2-3 times further as Pluto and therefore extremely cold. It is one of the furthest known objects in our solar system and has been discovered in 2004.
Sedna can be seen as an asteroid but is beyond the Kuiper belt. It would be the biggest known asteroid.

There is an interesting theory about Sedna's extremely excentric orbit. This says that the very young Sun came close to another, smaller star and due to its higher gravitation stole Sedna from there.

Distance to the Sun: 13 463 808 390 km (90 AU)
Mass: unknown
Diameter: 1800 km
Orbit period: 10500 years

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Graphic: Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

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