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Kuiper belt object 2003 EL61, now known as Haumea, on 9/17/2008 has been given a name and been classified as a dwarf planet, more exactly as a plutoid. Haumea has a highly elliptical shape, caused by its very fast rotation. The dwarf planet has two moons by the names Hi'iaka and Namaka with a diameter of 310 and 170 km. Moons and rotation speed are probably the result of a collision long time ago.

Distance from the Sun: 35.2 - 51.5 AU
Mass: 0.0007 * Earth
Diameter: 996 - 1960 km
Orbit period: 285.4 years
Moons: 2

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Graphic: NASA, ESA, and A. Feild (STScI)

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