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Luyten 726-8 (UV Ceti)

A double of red dwarfs. The fainter of them, UV Ceti, is a flare star with heavy eruptions, which can increase its luminosity five times within a minute. It is the prototype Flare Star.

Planets haven't been discovered so far, but are possible if close to the according star.

Constellation: Cetus
Distance: 8.554 light-years
Orbit period of L726-8 A and B: 200 years

L726-8 A

Spectral class: M5.5e
Visual magnitude: 12.57
Luminosity: 0.0000561 * Sun
Mass: 0.12 * Sun
Diameter: 0.15 * Sun
Radial velocity: 29 km/sec

L726-8 B (UV Ceti)

Spectral class: M6e
Visual magnitude: 12.70
Luminosity: 0.0000498 * Sun
Mass: 0.1 * Sun
Diameter: 0.14 * Sun
Radial velocity: 32 km/sec

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    Luyten 726-8
Double sunrise
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