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Tau1 Gruis

The yellow star slowly turns into a subgiant. It is orbited every 3.95 years by a planet with at least 1.49 times the mass of Jupiter in a distance of 1.8 - 3.6 AU. This was the 100th exoplanet to be discovered.

If despite the excentric orbit life evolved on the (likely) moons of the planet, it will now get in deep trouble due to the expansion of the star and the accompanied rise in temperature.

Constellation: Grus
Age: 5 billion years
Distance: 109 light-years
Spectral class: G0 - G3
Visual magnitude: 6.03
Luminosity: 3.6 * Sun
Mass: 1.25 * Sun
Diameter: 2.02 * Sun

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    Tau1 Gruis
Graphic: PPARC, David A. Hardy

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