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Iota Horologii

The sunlike star has a dust disk and a gaseous planet with 2.26 times the mass of Jupiter. The planet has on average the same distance from its star as Earth has from the Sun (0.93 AU). But the orbit is very excentric and so the climate changes from very hot to very cold.
Iota Horologii formed in the Hyades and since then has travelled 130 light-years.

Constellation: Horologium
Age: 625 million years
Distance: 56.2 light-years
Spectral class: G0
Visual magnitude: 5.4
Luminosity: 1.8 * Sun
Mass: 1.25 * Sun
Diameter: 1.5 * Sun

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updated 04/15/2008

    Iota Horologii
The dust disk around the covered star.
Photo: Eso

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