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Beta Pictoris

Around this quite young yellow-white star a planetary system in the process of forming can be observed.
Beta Pictoris is surrounded by a dust disk with 1500 AU diameter. In there are two bulges which are either young planets or brown dwarfs. The disk is rich in carbon gas. A second dust disk is tilted by about 4 degrees from the main disk.

Constellation: Pictor
Age: 8 - 20 million years
Distance: 62.88 light-years
Spectral class: A5
Visual magnitude: 3.85
Luminosity: 9.337 * Sun
Mass: 1.8 * Sun
Diameter: 1.399 * Sun
Radial velocity: 20 km/sec

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    Beta Pictoris
Infrared photo (the star itself is covered): ESO

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