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Tsih (Gamma Cassiopeiae)

Tsih is the Chinese name of the middle star in the big W of Cassiopeia. Oddly it doesn't have a western name.

It is a triple system, whereas the B star could be a white dwarf or even a neutron star. This would explain the strong X-radiation coming from Tsih.
The blue A, an emission star, is rotating extremely fast and therefore stripping ist hull out into space.

Constellation: Cassiopeia
Distance: 613 light-years
Orbit period of Gamma Cassiopeiae A and B/C: 480 years
Orbit period of Gamma Cassiopeiae B and C: 203.59 days

Gamma Cassiopeiae A

Spectral class: Be0
Visual magnitude: 2.15
Luminosity: max. 70 000 * Sun

Gamma Cassiopeiae B

Mass: ca. 1 * Sun

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Photo: Enrico Moltisanti
(Picture used without permission, because I didn't find an e-mail-address.)

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