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Sigma Scorpii

The star is also known as Al Niyat. The narrow pair of two big blue stars is orbited by at least another two smaller stars.
The more developed star B lost, when expanding, a huge part of its former mass to star A.

Constellation: Scorpius
Age: a few million years
Distance: 735 light-years
Visual magnitude: 2.89
Space between Sigma Scorpii A and B: 0.7 AU
Orbit period of Sigma Scorpii A and B: 33 days

Sigma Scorpii A

Spectral class: O9
Luminosity: 65 000 * Sun
Mass: ca. 20 * Sun

Sigma Scorpii B

Spectral class: B2
Luminosity: 27 000 * Sun
Mass: ca. 12 * Sun

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    Sigma Scorpii
Sigma Scorpii and the globular cluster M4. On the left side of the picture begins the Antares nebula.
Photo: Nasa

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